Types of Visa  - Going to Portugal

Before traveling or settling in another country, you should check what type of visa is required for your particular case.

 A visa must be applied for the country of origin at a consular representation of the destination country. The visa must be requested according to its specific purpose. Therefore, if you want to reside in Portugal, you must apply for a residence visa.

 Brazilians are exempt from tourist visas for a period of 90 days. Check the list of countries exempt from tourist visa (link).

 Currently, according to the guidelines of the competent Portuguese authorities, the following types of visas are in force (link):

 1. Tourist Visa

Intended for tourism, where citizens can travel within the Schengen area for up to 90 days.


2. Long Term Visa

Intended for stays longer than 90 days.


2.1 Temporary Stay Visas

Allow entry in Portugal for stays for less than 1 year.

This is valid for the duration of the stay and for multiple entries into the national territory.

Types of Temporary Stay Visa:

 E1 - Temporary Stay Visa for Medical Treatment, in duly accredited establishments;

 E2 - Temporary Stay Visa for Transfer of National Citizens of WTO States Parties to provide services or professional training;

 E3 - Temporary Stay Visa for Subordinate or Independent Temporary Professional Activity, for those who come to work in Portugal on a temporary basis, ie with a maximum duration of 6 months;

 E4 - Temporary Stay Visa for Research Activity or Highly Qualified, this is very similar to the D3 visa, but for less than 1 year;

 E5 - Temporary Stay Visa for the Exercise of Amateur Sports Activity;

 E6 - Temporary Stay Visa for the Fulfilment of International Commitments and Study;

 E7 - Temporary Stay Visa to Accompany Family in Medical Treatment;

 E8 - Temporary Stay Visa for Seasonal Worker.


2.2 Residence Visa

Intended for those interested in residing in Portugal, in general, the proof of stay should be longer than 1 year.

It allows stays for periods of 4 months with 2 entries, in order to fix residency. The main objective will be to enable the applicant to start the residency process that will be done in Portugal. Only after the interested party enters in Portuguese territory will it be possible to initiate the application for a residence permit.

Types of residence visas:

 D1 - Residence Visa for Subordinate Professional Activity. Intended for those who have a promise or contract of employment, as long as it is previously authorized by the competent authorities in Portugal.

 D2 - Residence Visa for Independent Professional Activity and Entrepreneurial Immigrants. There are two types of D2 visa: the first one is for independent professional activity (self-employed or free-lance with open activity with the tax authorities in Portugal and duly qualified for professional practice); and the second for entrepreneurs (investors).

 D3 - Residence Permit for Research or Highly Qualified Activity. Intended for PhD students or those working in a highly qualified profession.

D4 – Residence Permit to Study, Student Exchange, Internship or Volunteering Visa. Intended for higher education students (undergraduate, masters, etc), internships or volunteers for more than one year.

 D5 - Residence Permit for Higher Education Student Mobility. Intended for exchange students, dual degree, among others.

 D6 - Residence Visa for Family Reunion Effects. Since the Brazilian citizen is exempt from a tourist visa, a resident's family member may apply for authorization directly in Portugal. This type of visa is more usual for nationalities that are prevented from entering the national territory without any visa.

 D7 - Residence Permit for retirees, Religious people (such as priests, monks, nuns) and income earners. Intended for retirees, pensioners or persons who prove sufficient income to support the household (own income).

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