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Incorporation of companies

The process of incorporating a Company in Portugal is significantly simplified, despite requiring some legal and administrative knowledge.  Legal advice in this regard is a decisive contribution to making the entire process efficient and fast.


We provide advice on:

  • Incorporation of companies

  • Companies Registration

  • Liquidations and Dissolutions

Our advice includes:

  • Preparation and negotiation of acts of incorporation, articles of association, shareholder agreements, commercial contracts, work agreements, etc.

  • On the spot company (with pre-approved articles).

  • Company name guidelines and records.

  • Guidance to choose the corporate purpose, and CAE.

  • Application and registration of commercial licenses.

  • Consequent registrations of companies and branches.

  • Others.

Types of Commercial Companies most common in Portugal

a) Constituted individually:


Sole proprietorship:  Comprised of an individual, with unlimited liability, where assets are fully related to the exploitation of their economic activity.


Individual Limited Liability Establishment: constituted by a single person, with limited liability regarding their private property.


Single Shareholder Limited Liability Company: a company, with only one partner, and the responsibility is subscribed to the value of the subscribed shares.


b) Consisting of more than one person/member:


LDA - Limited Liability company: constituted by at least two members, with responsibility limited to the subscribed shares. The minimum share value must be of 1 Euro.


SA - Corporation Constituted with at least five partners, with the capital being divided by shares. the responsibility of each member is limited to the shares he/she has subscribed. The minimum share capital is 50,000 Euros and each share should have a par value of at least 1 cent.


Company Incorporation "Fast-Track"

Since 2005, with the entry into force of the "Empresa na Hora" regime, incorporating a company has been simplified, with all procedures being performed at any of the "Empresa na Hora" branches available in various parts of Portugal, regardless of the location of the company headquarters to be registered. Because of the restrictive measures resulting from the pandemic (COVID-9), such services only work by prior appointment.


It is also possible to obtain a pre-approved brand like that of the company, during the constitution process (“Empresa na Hora”) and a domain (“.pt”).


This regime is available for Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Single Shareholder Limited Liability Companies.

The beginnig of your comapny in Portugal

After registering a company, the owners must:

- Deposit the share capital in a Portuguese credit institution;

- Have a certified accountant, to register fiscal information;

- Submit the Declaration of Start of Activity to Tax Authorities;

- Register the company with social Security;

- Register the beneficial owner.

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