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Real Estate

We provide full service, with a practical approach to real estate transactions, always attentive to the client’s needs.


In addition to purchase and sale, we provide technical and legal real-estate related services, from property maintenance, condominium management, leases to short-term rental.


Naturally, regarding planning real estate acquisitions and investments with immigration purposes, both for clients with tax domicile and those without tax domicile, we detain more than 20 years of experience in Immigration Law, with operations in Portugal since 2005.


Our service covers:

  • Advisory for private investors.

  • Preparation and analysis of Real Estate Purchase and Sale contracts (as well as Promissory Purchase and Sale contracts).

  • Preparation and analysis of Lease contracts.

  • Due diligence.

  • Documentary verification of ownership and legal status of the property.

  • Organization fee and tax payments.

  • Different collection and eviction processes.


We have partnering professionals who can help:

  • Prepare opinions and carry out face-to-face verification of the property.

  • Provide historical analysis of property licensing.

  • Complete property searches and appraisals.

  • Others.


Documentary analysis of the property is essential to purchase and sale procedures, with the following documents being mandatory, pursuant to law:


  1. Property Tax Document - A document issued by the Tax and Customs Authority containing the property’s information.

  2. Land Registry Certificate - Document issued by the Land Registry Office containing information on the location and composition of the property and its owners.

  3. Use License- Document issued by the Chamber corresponding to its location, that indicates whether it is inspected and in accordance with the legislation in force.

  4. Energy Performance Certificate - Document issued by the Portuguese Energy Agency that indicates the property’s energy efficiency.

  5. Housing Technical Datasheet - A document that indicates the main technical and functional features of the property.

  6. Declaration of non-​debt to the condominium - this document guarantees that there are no debts to the condominium.

  7. Statements of Exercise of Preemptive Rights (if necessary).

  8. Toponymic Certificate (if any)

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