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Our office can advise immigrants on marriage, de facto/common law union, divorce, custody, family conflicts, succession, partition, probate process and wills.


The issues involved in the legal life of a family are many, especially when there is more than one nationality within the family. A family of 3 people with 3 or more different nationalities is quite common nowadays.


It’s important to have good planning in terms of Family Law and Tax Law to manage succession conflicts and partition processes, as well as custody and parental responsibility of minor children.


Updating civil life for citizens with dual nationality is essential to avoid losses in succession procedures.


We provide advice on:

  • Family Law

  • Inheritance and Successions

  • Wills


Advice on Family Law includes:

  • Marriage

  • De facto/Common Law Union.

  • Judicial recognition of a De facto/Common-law union

  • Divorce

  • Custody and determination of Parental Responsibilities


Advice on Succession Law includes:

  • Drafting wills

  • Qualification of Heirs in Portugal

  • Representation with banks for the qualification of bank heirs

  • Tax return - Stamp Duty

  • Update of real estate and movable property ownership

  • Contract amendments

  • Others

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