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​Portuguese Social Security Identification Number (NISS)

What is a NISS?

The Social Security Identification Number (NISS) is the number that allows identification before Social Security at the national level in Portugal.

Social Security is the entity that promotes the organization of the social system and basic rights of the Portuguese State, managing reforms/retirements, public health, subsidies and pensions.

To request NISS - citizen

Citizens of Portuguese nationality are automatically assigned the NISS as soon as they request their citizenship card.

Foreigners who wish to be registered with Portuguese Social Security can request registration online using a specific form found on the Social Security website at the following link: foreign-citizen-niss-form

After the competent authority analyzes the request, the applicant will receive an email with instructions for collecting the NISS in person at the Social Security Assistance Services in Portugal.

The employer (legal person) will have to submit the request and the necessary documentation via an online platform accessible by the company in the case of workers registered by the employer who are not yet registered in the Social Security system.

To request NISS - legal entities

The request for NISS attribution is also necessary for legal entities (companies).

Communication is made unofficially and free of charge, electronically through the CRC - Commercial Registry Offices, when legal persons (companies) register in the commercial register. There are also cases in which communication is made by the Tax and Customs Authority, such as when opening an activity by the Independent Worker, among others.

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